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Now maintaining 15 Petabytes of storage globally.

Secure custom hosting solutions available.

Special brandable domain selection for your startup.

Web-Server.com   Luneza.com   Cylo.com   Evasin.com   Menona.com   ECoded.com, and many more.

Who Are We?

Information Couriers has a background in providing high availability, high throughput, load intensive applications and hosting solutions since 2003.

We provide end-user hosting for low feature but high bandwidth requirements, as well as backbone based specialized high bandwidth hosting, custom streaming solutions, and high value domain acquisition and brokering services.

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A Revolutionary Approach

A unique feed cleaning technology has been developed that is proving to be a revolutionary approach to extremely high bandwidth data integrity verification and assurance. This comes at a time when the largest bandwidth intensive traditional protocol services without this technology see over 80% of their data as invalid or corrupted by outside sources.